Sunday, June 14, 2009

May 19 - 20 2009: Holliday Lake State Park, Va.

My wife and I spent one night at this fairly new state park. Amenities and facilities were rather new. The RV camping area was on the side of the hill, so I used all of my leveling boards.
Several remarkable things here: the sky was so incredibly clear and lacking of city lights that I had a difficult time finding the Big Dipper! I don't recall seeing such a stellar display! Unfortunately, the Milky Way was behind the treeline, so I could not see it. However, I did see four meteor bursts!

Second, we saw for the first time the Brown Thrasher! It *ran* the length of the paved roadway, stopping and looking for caterpillars. When a thrasher found one, it would pick it and start smashing it before eating it.

Also while here we saw a big brown bunny AND a mockingbird the size of an adult blue jay. Unfortunately, it flew off just as I pointing my camera at it.

Holliday Lake

Trail leading down from the campground to the beach area
Excellent signs along the trails
Reflections in the stream leading to the lake

Looking down the trail
Nice ferns

Pretty yellow flowers

Mountain Laurel

Nice set of ferns just off of the trail

The state park maintains the grounds for quail

Turtles sunning themselves

Female turtle digging a pit for her eggs

Overview of turtle laying her eggs

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Looks like a LOVELY area!