Saturday, June 6, 2009

May 18 & 19 Twin Lakes State Park, Va.

We drove to this beautiful, bucolic state park from Smith Mountain Lake near Bedford. This park was a little unusual for a campground in that you could see and easily walk to the amenities from your camp site--instead of having to walk or bicycle or drive a long distance. The lake was quite visible from our very level campsite--no leveling required. Birds and insects were available for picture taking. For more information on this park:

Goodwin Lake

Goodwin Lake again

Edge of Goodwin Lake

Interesting flowers

This salamander was very busy running along the warm surfaces

On a new warm surface

A nice daisy

One of many blue birds seen in park

Walk over this bridge from the campground

An experiment with my Canon T1i camera: ISO 12800 handheld [1+ sec] around 9:30pm--could still see some contrast between the sky and the lake

One of three hawks heard and seen flying above the trees

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Eastern Phoebe

Ruby Crowned Kinglet about to smash a caterpillar against the rail--then it can eat.

A warty frog discovered in the grass
Gorgeous white iris

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