Thursday, October 28, 2010

Late October 2010 Trip to Pearland, Texas

My wife and I drove down to Pearland Tx., just south of Houston, to see our daughter.

She lives in a planned community (Shadow Creek Ranch)--which has miles and miles of paved multi-use walking trails and paths. The big bonus? Shorebirds!

The neighborhoods have many flood control waterways, which now have tall marsh grasses and water, perfect for year round and possibly migratory birds.

While there for several days, I saw White Ibis, Great and White Egrets, Great and Blue Heron, Killdeer, a plover-like bird, dark ducks, mockingbirds, red birds, and even a pair of osprey. These are the types of birds I associate with driving to Virginia and Maryland's Eastern Shore! And this for walking just 5 - 10 minutes!

The killdeer squacked until late at night

Little Egret in flight

Egret departing; Ibis arriving

Great Blue Heron with two Ibis--one Ibis has a dark shellfish in its mouth!

Plover-like bird

Great White Heron

Egret in flight--urban setting!

Two ducks visiting

Egret and many Ibis feeding together

Little Blue Heron with a Great White Heron

Egret in flight

Urban setting--in flight

I can't wait to go back!