Sunday, May 2, 2010

Update to Kenko Extension Tube Use

On Saturday, I decided to visit a neighbor who is a flower gardener--I love to visit her garden.

I decided to see what the affect would be on inserting a 12mm Kenko Extension Tube between the body of my Canon Rebel T1i and my Canon 17 - 85mm EF-S lens. This normally has a macro distance of ~8" to 18".

I found a violet "puffball" flower of approximately 3" in diameter and attempted to take a picture of it. I was unable to do so except under this condition:
  • 17mm wide open, almost on top of the object (less than 0.5cm)--with no further magnification allowed. Any other scenario was totally blurred.

I'll continue to use my extension tubes with the longer 55mm - 250mm and 300mm lens--for which the tubes were really designed for.

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