Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 2009 Neighborhood Birds

This is a collection of bird pictures taken in my backyard and around the neighborhood. You will see stills and a number of videos of birds--feeding, flying, and singing.

Red Cardinal looking for seed in the snow storm
Red Robin perched in the tree--third wave of robins this season

White Breasted Nuthatch after grabbing some seed

Chickadee in the tree

Red Bellied Woodpecker on tree

A Great Blue Heron is stalking fish in my backdoor neighbors fish pond
A broad winged hawk seen on my morning walk. It flew into my next door neighbor's yard after I left it here (a half block away)
Another view of the hawk

A Red Cardinal decided to perch on my TV antenna twice in a few minutes, singing his heart out.

Tree frogs singing--no motion.

Downy Woodpecker eating some suet.

Downy woodpecker on a limb.

Cardinal enjoying some suet!

Goldfinch feeding.


Christi Brox said...

Hey John,
Thanks for sharing. Very cool! I always remember my grandma sitting by her front window watching all of the birds and her multiple feeders for all of the animals. Funny, since we've moved, I'm always looking out our back window to see what kind of birds we have dropping by. I certainly can't identify many, but we get alot of cardinals, blue jays and littlel brown birds (that's the technical name). Last summer we put up a bird feeder and though I'm not the best at keeping it filled (they eat alot quickly, especially when it snows) it does attract quiet a crowd! The kids usually help us fill it up and watch for the different birds that come by.
I have to say I am suprised, that the hawk has such a familiar song. I guess I didn't realize how prevalent they must be... maybe in this area??? I also just learned that Red Robins are one of the first bird out in the spring - the kids' books teach me too!
Anyhow thanks for sharing :)

Idle Hands said...

Enjoy reading your blog and Twitter sites. I like seeing the birds that catch your eye. I'll have to get going on taking some photos of my own.