Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 2009 Backyard Birds

I have managed to take some pictures of birds in my backyard--and the house next door. The Spring Migration has already begun. I have seen robins passing through, along with red winged and tri-colored black birds. For the years 2006 and prior, I saw cedar wax wings for about day and a half in late December. In 2007 and 2008, I didn't see them. And then just last week, I DID see cedar wax wings eating tree buds, in the same adjacent yard as the robins were visiting. Perhaps they have changed their migration timing? The pictures were taken with a Canon G7, not the best camera for long shots--only has 6x optical zoom. However, it is better than nothing and does have a good digital zoom. This is a Carolina Wren, just outside my kitchen window. It often visits my kitchen window sunflower seed feeder. This pileated woodpecker usually visits my tree and suet feeder once a winter. It worked its way down the tree and then look in the tree roots and bark for food.
One morning, when it was very cold, this red-shouldered hawk [first time visitor ever] perched in my tree just above big forsythia thicket. After about five minutes just sitting and observing, it dropped dramatically to the thicket, but was unable to snatch a bird, so it flew off.
A few of the approximately 18 cedar waxwings next door--with robins on the ground (no picture)
This is one of about 10 red and tricolored winged blackbirds on my rail having some seed. All of the others flew off when I got my camera to the back door window. The black birds have been in the neighborhood for about 5 days.

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