Monday, March 10, 2008

Huntley Meadows Park, Fairfax County, Va December 31 2007

This trip to Huntley Meadows Park, off of Lockheed Blvd and Rt#1 in Fairfax County. This was New Years' Day Eve, from noon to mid-afternoon.

This was an experiment for me, using my Canon Rebel XTi with a Canon 300mm lens and a TC II doubler. Using the doubler drove me into a totally manual mode--no autofocus or automated means to capture birds in flight. All pictures were taken with this arrangement.

In-coming Canadian Goose

Some form of a sparrow.

Close-up of another sparrow

I like this reflection

Interesting reflection of some reeds

Canadian Goose

Male and female Lesser Scaup

Mallard splashing himself

Two ducks I could not identify--even in Sibley's. I could not find any ducks with that 'stripe' on the neck

Two turtles sunning themselves in an 'un-official' part of the park

I'm not sure what this is--but I liked the look of it

This is my favorite picture from the set--a reflection of a walk-way barrier. My wife Madonna introduced me to finding reflections in the water of Huntley Meadows (from previous visits)

Close-up of a cattail top

Seed Pod

Close-up of a berry

Interesting plant growing up by the walk way

My second favorite picture from the set--a cattail reflected in the water (with with wind stirring up the water)

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My Huntley Meadows said...

The duck is probably a northern pintail